Teen Support Program

The teenage years are often trying times, as individuals begin to emerge into independence from a place of almost complete reliance that occurs earlier on in life.  Navigating social interactions, new emotional situations, romantic interests, academic endeavors and future planning, shifting family dynamics, and other common stressors can feel overwhelming.  The Teen Support Program here at Day by Day is designed to approach these difficulties from a holistic perspective, rather than simply focusing solely on the teen, who may be exhibiting concerning behavioral and emotional symptoms.  

Teens are provided with both individual and group support to discuss difficult and stressful topics, while also beginning to explore meaningful and healthy ways to cope in order to improve overall wellness and resilience in overcoming challenges in life. Significant others, including parents, guardians, or caregivers, are also provided with support in working with the teen, as well as taking care of themselves.  Family therapy sessions, both with the teen present and without, are offered to explore problematic patterns and discuss and implement strategies for change. A parenting group is also offered for support and discussion to process how families are impacted by supporting a teen in need.  

This inclusive approach is intended to address difficulties from a number of different directions in order to improve the well-being not only of the individual, but of the family unit as a whole and each of its individual members.

our program includes

Individual Therapy for Teen

Family Therapy

Parenting Group

Teen Coping Skills Group

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About the facilitator - Michael Schwarz, LPC

The Day by Day Teen Support Program was created and is facilitated by Michael Schwarz, LPC. Michael is a licensed professional counselor with extensive experience in both individual and group therapy. He has a BA in Psychology and a Masters of Science in Counselor Education from the University of Arkansas. Michael’s passion is helping others rediscover their inner strength and resilience. He will collaborate with you and your teen to uncover an avenue to emotional well-being and healthier connections, incorporating all aspects of life to help you and your family find peace, day to day.

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